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My name is Hannah and I am a Antenatal and Post-Natal Doula. Alongside this amazing vocation, I am also a mum to two amazing little children and married to a wonderful man named Mike. I am deeply passionate about women and their birth partners being empowered, informed and having birth experiences that are peace filled; both pre, during and post birth. 

I am a Christian and love the wonder and beauty this brings to the world and our experiences.

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My Story

I grew up in a house bustling with children. I am the oldest of 6 and was always amazed and in awe of my mum as she grew, birthed and brought us up with my Dad.  As I grew older, I found myself pulled towards working with women and helping those who needed support. After University, I looked into midwifery. The time wasn't quite right but an amazing opportunity came up with a charity working with students at Universities. A huge part of working with these young men and women was supporting them through different big life questions and the transition from child to independent adult. And over the next 8 years I worked hard helping them thrive as they maneuvered through this transformational time. During this time I got married to Mike, moved to Manchester and welcomed my own little girl and boy.  I now come back to that calling that I had all those years ago, working with women - in this case particularly pregnant women.

My amazing mother birthed 5 of the 6 of us in our home. As my father is a practicing Homeopath and trained Osteopath, I grew up with an awareness of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I witnessed my father working with babies who had suffered trauma in birth and helping bring their little bodies back to health and release. I have always been a natural nurturer and love hosting others and encouraging the wonder in each of us, whether that be when people are feeling their weakness or celebrating strength. I am deeply passionate about women knowing their worth, using their voice, being informed, experiencing peace and freedom and delighting in the complexities of being themselves.

I am training with Nurturing Birth and it has been a joy to embark on this journey of Doula-ing officially.


I truly believe we all have something to give to the world and we are the best parents for our children, for these little ones who become our world. If I can help you as a mother navigate pregnancy and birth, expectations and fears; if I can help your birth partner feel empowered as they help you, their person bring life; if I can encourage and help you as a new mother in that new season of life to know you are doing so well and to have a little more peace; well I have done what I longed for all those years ago. I am a mother, a sister and a friend and I would delight to be your Doula: to serve you, to encourage you, to empower you and to help you. My heart is that you would have the best experience of birth and in the seasons around.

Being a Doula is a unique privilege to come alongside women and their birthing partners, to help support, inform, empower, help and encourage as they bring life into the world. Birth takes courage. It is a deeply powerful time when we are given the opportunity to birth life and yet it is also one we were not made to do alone. I am so grateful to call this my work and that I get to come alongside such amazing people as they bring new life and do their best to love and bring up their children.


If you would like to connect or have an openning interview please do get in touch. 

Also if you have any questions, please do send an email.

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